Special Occasions

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For your convenience, we personalize and structure menus for all special occasions. From business meetings to rehearsal dinners, birthdays to receptions, we will assist you in making your occasion perfect, and meeting your desired budget.

We have four private dining rooms, for 20–100 guests. One room is wheelchair accessible. The decor is comfortable, with exposed brick walls and art work. The tables are topped with all white linen, your personalized menus, and candles by request. You may decorate the room as you wish.

We recommend you come to the restaurant, look at the rooms, and we will assist you in developing your personalized menus and other specifics. If you cannot come, please call, and we will assist you by phone, fax, or mail.

Thank you,
The Chiapparelli Family

Group & Special Occasions FAQs

Once I decide I would like to host my event at Chiapparelli’s, how do I go about making the reservation? Does Chiapparelli’s require a deposit to hold our space? Are there any room fees?

Planning a gathering at Chiapparelli’s is very simple. We do not require deposits and do not charge for use of our private rooms. We also do not "hold" space tentatively, so we ask that you only make your reservation once you are sure you would like to host your gathering at Chiapparelli’s. Once you decide you would like to host the gathering here, contact the restaurant to make your reservation. We will simply take your contact information and preliminary details, reserve the space for your party, and answer any questions you may have.
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Is Chiapparelli’s Restaurant handicap accessible?

Chiapparelli’s is handicap accessible. There is a separate door just a few feet to the left of the main entrance allowing access to a ramp that leads to the main lobby. As this door is not always unlocked from the outside, please let us know in advance if any of your guests will require assistance. Our private handicap accessible rooms are located on the lower level of the restaurant and can accommodate approx. 40 to 100 guests. Semi-private accessible accommodations are available for groups less than 40.

How many guests can you accommodate in one room? How do we know what room we will be in? How long will we have the room for our gathering?

We have several private rooms, accommodating between approx. 20 and 100 guests. You are welcome to stop by, take a look at the rooms, and give your first and second preference. We will always do our best to honor your first preference and take many factors into consideration when making room assignments. Room assignments can be determined one week prior to the event after a final head count and menu details have been submitted. We do not "double-book" our rooms. You may have use of the room for the entirety of the afternoon or evening of the event.

How will the tables be set up in our room? Can we decorate the room?

The possibilities are endless, and we are really flexible with the table set up. It is a matter of preference, but usually, the room, the nature of the gathering, the number of guests, and other special needs are the major determining factors in deciding how to set up the room. Every group is different and has different needs, we will design the room to best suit your group and maximize comfort. You are welcome to decorate the room however you like. If you plan to do so, please let us know in advance so we can have the tables set up before you arrive.

When are all of the final details due?

Final details are due one week prior to the event. This allows time for proper staffing and printing of your personalized menus. We understand that due to emergencies, etc. that you may need to adjust your guest count after your final guest count has been submitted. If you find that you need to adjust your final guest count, you may do so up until the day before your event by contacting the restaurant directly. With discretion, we do charge for ‘no-shows.’

Are tax and tip included in the cost of the meal?

Tax and tip are not included in the cost of meal. Tax (6%) and gratuity (suggested 18–20%) would be in addition to the cost of your entrée selections. All of our group/special occasion menus do include salad, bread, entrée selections, dessert, coffee, tea, and iced tea.

Is there a children’s menu? (children under 10 years only)

Children’s Price Fix: $12 per child includes a beverage and dessert. The children’s entrée selections are: spaghetti & meatball, chicken fingers & fries, or Cheese ravioli.

Children’s Buffet or Family Style: Children are ½ the price of the adults, includes a beverage and dessert. If you would rather order a children’s entrée, the price and selection are the same as above.

Can we add valet parking to our check?

Yes. Chiapparelli’s offers valet parking in the evenings beginning at 5:00 p.m. The valet company charges $10 per car Sunday through Thursday evenings, and $10 per car Friday and Saturday evenings. If you wish to add the valet to your check, you must let us know in advance.

We suggest sending some type of voucher to your guests whether it is included with your invitations or you simply send them something in an email to print out. It should include the date, time and name of your reservation or special occasion. The valet will collect the vouchers and let us know how many cars are to be put on your check.

There are also several garages and parking lots in the neighborhood, each 2 to 3 blocks away and are reasonably priced and comparable to the cost of valet parking. Parking lots and garages are located at Bank & Exeter, Eastern & President, and Pratt & President. There is also street parking available, but Little Italy is a residential area and there is a three hour time limit without a permit. The city will ticket!

Does Chiapparelli’s provide Audio/Visual equipment?

We work with an audio/visual company that can provide screens, projectors, and other audio/visual equipment. You may set up payment directly with the audio/visual company, or we can arrange to have the total of the invoice added directly to your check.