Catering Menu

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To place an order, please call 410-837-0309 and speak with Bryan Chiapparelli.

Items from our lunch & dinner menus are available at and may also be sold as catering items.

Catering orders may be delivered for a minimum order of $100 to a limited delivery area.

Orders are served with bread & butter. Plates and utensils are available upon request.

SALADS Half Pan/Platter
Serves up to 10
Full Pan/Platter
Serves up to 20
Chiapparelli’s Famous House Salad $30 $60
Chiapparelli’s Salad with Italian Meats & Cheese $60 $120
Chiapparelli’s Salad with Grilled Chicken $70 $140
Antipasto Neapolitan (fresh mozzarella, prosciutto, capers & olives,
roasted red peppers, extra virgin olive oil & balsamic vinegar)
$45 $90
Serves up to 10
Full Pan/Platter
Serves up to 20
Sandwich Selections:
Italian Cold Cut, Grilled Chicken,
Mozzarella & Roasted red peppers, Chicken Parmigiana,
Meatball & Cheese, Sausage & Peppers, Veal Parmigiana
(6 subs, cut in 1/3rds)
(12 subs, cut in 1/3rds)
ENTREÉS Half Pan/Platter
Serves up to 10
Full Pan/Platter
Serves up to 20
Homemade Large Meatballs $40 (15 mballs) $80 (30 mballs)
Fresh Grilled Italian Sausage & Peppers $40 $80
Baked Penne with ricotta cheese & tomato sauce $45 $90
Lasagna with choice of tomato or meat sauce $50 $100
Homemade Spinach or Cheese Ravioli $50 $100
Tortellini with Peas and Prosciutto Ham $50 $100
Penne with Vodka Sauce $50 $100
Chicken Parmigiana / Veal Parmigiana $60 / $75 $120 / $140
Fettuccini Alfredo with Grilled Chicken $65 $130
Besto Pesto with Grilled Chicken $65 $130
Penne Pasta with Grilled chicken, spinach,
sun dried tomatoes, garlic and extra virgin olive oil
$65 $130
Homemade Seafood Ravioli $80 $150
Shrimp Nicola with Garlic Sauce Over Linguini $80 $150
Neapolitan $12: Homemade spicy tomato sauce, Italian sausage, Salami, Capicola, Italian cheese & fresh basil
Americana $12: Homemade sauce, Italian cheeses, grilled chicken, spinach & mushrooms
Traditional $10: Tomato sauce & Italian cheeses (Add pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, peppers, onions…$1 per topping)
Florentine $11: Grilled pizza, ricotta cheese, sautéed spinach & mushrooms, no sauce
Italiano $11: Grilled pizza, ricotta cheese, broccoli, onion, sundried tomatoes & mushrooms, no sauce
Veggie $11: Grilled pizza, ricotta cheese, spinach, black olives, peppers, mushrooms, broccoli, onion
Mini Cannoli Tray $15 (serves 10)